Selenium Webdriver is a tool for automating web applications. The brilliant thing about Selenium is it is an open source meaning anyone can use it without having to pay. This gives the tool a lot of popularity. This fame has led to a number of courses teaching Selenium to freshers. ITeLearn also provides fresher courses and also the ones already well versed with Selenium who would like to improve their skills have expert courses for them to catch up to the level of expertise in Selenium.

ITeLearn has tutors who can train freshers and experts and get them to the next level. The courses are not just to teach you about Selenium WebDriver but it is to help you master the skills of an automation tester and succeed in the race of testing. This web site is solely dedicated to the experts who have the basic knowledge and aim at improvement.

Read posts written by Selenium Webdriver professionals on Java in Selenium Webdriver. Understand Rest API using C#. Regular posts are updated to pass knowledge related to Selenium Webdriver and the advanced courses available for Selenium as well.