Can it be simple if I dont understand Java to learn Selenium WebDriver?

Java and learning Selenium WebDriver training is seldom as simple as people says that it’s.


If test automation is not difficult, it would be known by all examiners.

And this post wouldn’t exist.

Before we continue, consider exactly how many examiners you know who’d success without understanding Java first learning Selenium by themselves.

Would you understand many?

What’s test automation about?

Test automation is about

  1. Creating Test Scripts
  1. A Programming Language Like Java for
  1. Automating User Scenarios by
  1. Socializing With All The Program through
  1. A Test Automation Library Like Selenium WebDriver training online

The programming language is the hardest to understand.

Programming languages come from mathematics and contain a lot of abstractions that are unintuitive.

What is involved in test automation?

Test automation with online Selenium WebDriver training means more than programming with Java.

Test automation needs additionally

  • Unit testing framework

The test automation scripts should be separate and brief.

That is accomplished through unit testing frameworks like TEST or JUNIT NG.

Essential unit testing theories for test automation are

  • annotations
  • Evaluation runner
  • Declarations
  • test suites
  • Evaluation fixtures
  1. Locators of website components

Each test automation script interacts with various website components by

  • clicking them
  • Typing text
  • getting component status (is shown, is chosen, is empowered)
  • getting component advice (value, credits values, css info)

This part must be discovered, before interacting using a website component.

Locating it is extremely simple in case the component comes with an id or name.

Otherwise, an expression called component locator must be created using languages like XPATH and CSS.

  1. Coordinate the code with object oriented programming

It’s insufficient to make test automation scripts which function.

The test scripts also needs to not be difficult to alter and keep.

This is achieved through models for example Page Items which demand knowledge of object oriented concepts like inheritance and classes.

  1. Use frameworks that are outside

It is necessary to think about reporting, taking screenshots, running scripts in parallel when working on test automation scripts.

3rd party libraries provide several functionalities.

How challenging would be to learn Selenium tutorials?

The method that you learn Selenium tutorial discovers how large the challenge is.

Learning by yourself makes it really challenging.

As it doesn’t really cost any money, it’s free.

It’s going to set you back, nevertheless, a great deal of frustration, time and attempt.

Of not succeeding, the chances are not low.

Learning by yourself may be an alternative for those who have sufficient time to spare.

In the event you want results quickly, but it’s not the best choice.

There are multiple challenges which you must manage when learning on your own.

There’s an enormous quantity of Java and Selenium course online study stuff readily available for newcomers.

Websites, on-line classes, publications.

A few of these are sufficient and nice to get a beginner, others will not be.

The challenge is picking the ones that are great.

Additionally, before long, your degree of knowledge changes to intermediate.

For examiner’s with intermediate degree for Java and Selenium Webdriver tutorial, there are less study materials accessible.

Exactly the same challenge remains but it becomes more clear.

How do you want to locate study materials that take you instead of being merely confounding?

As described previously, est automation needs multiple abilities.

The sequence these abilities are learned is not unimportant.

To put it differently, what’ll you learn?

The programming language?


Browser theories?


Page object model?


Exactly the same question applies to learning each individual ability.

Where do you want to begin, what’s going to be the measure, as well as another measure after, etc?

Without a great compass to browse it as well as a clear learning map,Selenium Webdriver training tutorials could be quite difficult.

Each ability required for test automation is vast.

Learning it is generally not needed for working on test automation and totally takes a lengthy time.

The challenge will be to understand just how much of each ability becomes necessary for beginning test automation in the least time possible.

When learning test automation one thing occurs for sure.

You encounter difficulties and issues in regards to a particular component or about different components function together.

And you dont understand the best way to resolve the problem and have no notion the best way to seek out help or info.

Without a support system that can help you in tough scenarios, your learning discontinued or could be put.

Everyone has before beginning learning expectations.

Wrong expectations are that there’s a small amount of items to learn and that learning will be quick and simple.

You will find always more things than you anticipated to learn.

And no, WOn’t be rapidly and learning WOn’t be simple.

The reverse is true.

The potential for failing reduces or increases.

A goal like “I am going to turn into a test automation specialist in 3 months” is unrealistic.

A far better aim is “In 3 months, I am in a position to make simple test automation scripts for the website”.

Learning always and starting modest the opportunities raise to success.

Time is taken by learning Selenium videos.

It won’t really happen in a month or a week.

Each individual ability must be learned individually.

Following that, you need to find out the best way to work with them collectively.

In time, without perseverance and focus, frustration or boredom can occur which may bring your learning into a halt.

I wish to be clear.

It is possible to understand Java and Selenium Webdriver Training videos on your own.

It can be carried out.

However there are simpler and better methods for doing it than by yourself.

Will there be a less demanding manner of studying Selenium course online?

Learning Selenium basics will not need to be challenging.

Being trained by another person gets started in a relative short time and is simpler challenging.

It saves a lot of time and a lot of attempt although it isn’t free.

  • The reason being the trainer
  • has the resources that you need
  • has previous experience training folks like you
  • has the answers to your questions
  • Understands shortest and the simplest approach to take to your own target
  • Has the map of your learning should occur
  • When you will need help he’s there for you
  • he keeps you focused

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