Introducing Selenium WebDriver:

The key new feature in Selenium Online Training 2.0 is the consolidation of the Selenium Webdriver API. Selenium Webdriver Tutorial Bangalore is made to give a more straightforward, more concise programming interface in addition to addressing some limitations in the Selenium Training-RC API.

Selenium Webdriver was designed to to better help dynamic webpages where itself being reloaded may shift without any page. The goal of Selenium Webdriver is going to be to supply a well-produced object-oriented API that provides improved support for modern complex webapp testing problems.

How Can Selenium WebDriver ‘Push’ the Browser Compared With Selenium RC?

Selenium Training on Webdriver Bangalore makes direct calls to the browser using the native assistance for automation of every browser. These quick calls are made, in addition to the characteristics they support is dependent on the browser you are using. Information on each ‘browser driver’ is provided in this chapter.

For all those cozy with Selenium Tutorials RC, this could be quite distinguishing from whatever you you may be used to. Selenium Tutorial Online RC used the exact same way for each supported browser. It ‘injected’ Javascript attributes to the browser when the browser subsequently used its Javascript to create the AUT in the browser and was loaded. Tutorial on Selenium Webdriver is not going to take advantage of the technique. It drives the browser directly using the browser’s built in aid for automation.

The as nicely as Selenium Webdriver Coaching Online Bangalore Selenium Training Server. You want the Selenium Server, or may not, may, according to how you want to take advantage of Selenium Webdriver Online Bangalore . In case you’re going to be only using the Selenium Webdriver API you might not need the Selenium Tutorial Server. If assessments as well as your browser will all run to one machine, along with the Selenium Webdriver API is only used by your assessments, thus you might not need to to perform the Selenium Tutorial Server; Training on Selenium Webdriver will use the browser directly.

  • Driver Details and Tradeoffs
  • Selenium WebDriver Drivers
  • Selenium WebDriver Course is the name of the important interface against which assessments should be composed, yet there are several enactments.

Contained in these are:

HtmlUnit Driver

This really is at present the fastest & most lightweight execution of Selenium WebDriver Videos. As the name indicates, this actually relies on HtmlUnit. HtmlUnit is a java-based implementation of a browser with no GUI. For nearly any language binding (other than java) the Selenium coaching video tutorials Server is required to make use of this driver.


  • java
    WebDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver();


  • Fastest enactment of Selenium WebDriver.
  • A pure Java option and so it’s platform independent.
  • Supports JavaScript


  • Emulates other browsers Javascript behaviour (see below)
  • JavaScript in the HtmlUnit Driver

Not among the most popular browsers utilizes the Java Script engine used by HtmlUnit (Rhino).If you analyze JavaScript using HtmlUnit the outcomes varies significantly from these browsers.

When we say Java Script we really mean JavaScript as well as the DOM. Despite the fact that the DOM is described by the W3C each browser has its quirks and variations in their own execution of the DOM and in how Javascript socializes with it.

HtmlUnit has an impressively entire performance of the DOM and has fantastic help for using Java Script, but it really is not any different from another browser: it is its own quirks and variants in the W3C standard as well as the DOM implementations of the major browsers, despite the way it can mimic other browsers.

With Selenium Webdriver, we needed to create a choose; do we empower HtmlUnits Java Script abilities and run the chance for groups running into problems that only show themselves there, or do we abandon Java Script disabled, understanding that you will find a growing number of websites that rely on Java Script?

We took the conservative technique, and automagically have handicapped assistance when we use HtmlUnit. With each start of both Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions and HtmlUnit, were-evaluate this choice: we aspire to empower Java Script mechanically about the HtmlUnit at some point.

Empowering JavaScript

In the event you cant wait, empowering Java Script help is quite straight forward:

HtmlUnitDriver driver = new HtmlUnitDriver(true); More on this here.

This could cause the HtmlUnit Driver to emulate Firefox 3.6s Java Script managing by default.

Firefox Driver
Controls the Firefox browser by means of a Firefox plug-in. The Firefox Account that will be used is stripped down from what is set up on these devices to only consist of the Selenium WebDriver.xpi (addin). Several settings can also be altered by default (see the offer to determine which types) Firefox Driver is really capable of being run and is analyzed on Windows, Mac, Linux. Now on versions 3.6, 10, newest – 1, latest


  • java
    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver();


  • Runs in a real browser and supports JavaScript
  • Faster than the Ie Driver’


  • Slower in relation to the HtmlUnit Driver
  • Changing the Firefox Profile

Suppose which you wanted to alter the user-agent string (as above), but youve got a tricked out Firefox account that has lots of useful extensions. You will find just two approaches to get this account.

Assuming the profile was created using Firefoxs account manager (firefox -ProfileManager):

  • java
    ProfilesIni allProfiles = new ProfilesIni();
    FirefoxProfile profile = allProfiles.getProfile(“WebDriver”);
    profile.setPreferences(“”, 23);
    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(account);

Instead, in the event the account isnt formerly filed with Firefox:

  • java
    File profileDir = new File(“route/to/best/amount/of/account”);
    FirefoxProfile account = new FirefoxProfile(profileDir);
    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(profile);

As we generate aspects in the Firefox Driver, we expose the capacity to make use of them. As an example, until we consider natural occasions are secure on Firefox for Linux, they’re disabled automatically.

To empower them:

  • java
    FirefoxProfile profile = new FirefoxProfile();
    WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(account);

Designing Test Automation Framework withSelenium Videos

Do we have to go for Check Automation?
If so, then which is the instrument?
If we immediately begin automating test cases what’re all the specialized problems we we may face?
Do we require a framework for Automation?
Exactly how we go about creating a framework?

All of these are the queries popup when we should begin Test Automation. Ok, why don’t we begin researching responses for the preceding questions.Whether there are numerous evaluation scenarios which must be performed on each individual construct afterward it’ll be a boring job and errorprone.

Because a Check Engineer will make errors while going into the test information and output signal could be incorrect. We are able to prevent such circumstances by automating the test circumstances.

Before choosing the tool for Test Automation, we must examine the technologies useful for different UI parts. By way of example, Java Swing components, Telerik controls, ExtJS tables, Asynchronous Javascript And Xml, Silver Light, Flex / Flash managements, etc.

If we would like to make use of Selenium as Test Automation device subsequently the first and foremost matter must be assessed is if the program is a Web Software. If so, then assess whether most of the UI controls are determined by the Selenium Online Training.

If over 70 70% of the test cases could be automated then undoubtedly we are able to proceed and automate the test circumstances.To be able to deal with large amount of test cases we want to really have a clear cut technique for for design the framework.

A few of the framework functionalities may be mentioned the following:

  1. When there’s any unhandled exception, then the execution must not quit.
  2. Special evaluation scenario needs to be discontinued and continue with another scenario.
  3. Screen pictures have to be chosen for every single malfunction so that examining the failures ought to be simple.
  4. Appropriate exception handling needs to be performed in the framework.
  5. Appropriate naming convention must be used
  6. Avoid hard coding evaluation information
  7. Evaluation Information needs to be parameterized using external means for example XML’s, Database, Spreadsheet, etc.
  8. Logs needs to be developed that makes life simpler while examining the Evaluation Execution
  9. Suitable folder structure needs to be produced.
  10. If we should develop a Test Automation Frame Work with all the aforementioned attributes (or something beyond this) for Selenium.
  11. Then we should make use of the programming language as JAVA and Eclipse as the IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  12. Test Automation Engineers should know about Java then it makes their life simpler for automating the test circumstances.

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