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When testing automation became the latest trend, there are many takers for it. Now, most of the software development companies prefer testing automation and manual testing is gradually becoming a thing of past. Although there are many testing tools available, Selenium leads the band with large number of users across the globe.

Selenium is free and open source which makes it financially viable. Secondly, it can be run on any platform and compatible with any browser. With all these features, more and more software developers and testers are going for Selenium instead of any other testing automation tool.

At this juncture, there are very good career opportunities for professionals who are well versed in Selenium Technology and sensing the need of the hour, many tutorials have come up to train people. There are many professionals who offer selenium testing training online too.

Here is a brief about Selenium coaching Online Tutorials which covers the subjects they handle, mode of teaching, eligibility etc in detail.

Eligibility to Apply for the Selenium Coaching Course

There is no specific qualification criteria to apply for the course. Manual testers and test managers can apply for the course. Similarly, software experts who wants to make a career in Quality Assurance testing can also apply. Although,proficiency in program languages is not compulsory, if you know the basics, it will be an added advantage.

How to Select the Best Selenium Tutorial Online

Selenium coaching courses online mainly contain a set of Selenium training videos which depicts the subject in detail. When it teaches you the basics it provides you a lot of experiments too which you can do at your home.

When all the online tutorials offer the same stuff how one could differentiate between them? Here, you should take care of a few points.

  • Clarity of the video (Both audio and video)
  • Method used to explain the subject (Should be step by step)
  • Language used (Should be as simple as possible)
  • Relevance of practical sessions (It should be relevant to the theories discussed before)
  • Whether providing training on Selenium live project or on Dummy Selenium project (Always go with Selenium Live project as it will help you to be familiar with the practical difficulties faced in the real world of testing)

Most of the online tutorials will allow the proposed students to have a glance at their videos. A part of each videos will be shown free of cost. From these glimpses, you can have an idea about the above mentioned things.

Secondly, you can inquire about any former students or those taking training presently about the quality. At a time when social media are active, it is not a big issue.

Finally, there are many website and open forums providing feedback and reviews about the courses. You can refer them to get an idea.

Another important aspect, you should look into is whether the Selenium tutorial provides online support to solve your doubts. Most of the professional Selenium online training will provide access to various communities of Selenium professionals. You can take the help from the members to clarify your doubts and also in completing your Selenium Live project work.

Online Selenium Coaching Tutorial Syllabi

Selenium coaching course has been divided into five parts

  1. Selenium Basics
  2. Selenium Webdriver
  3. Selenium Framework
  4. Advanced Selenium
  5. Selenium Interview Questions Preparations

In each session there will be theory classes and practical sessions. Most of the online Selenium tutorials will provide you access to community of professionals where you can get your doubts clarified and take assistance in completing the Selenium Live projects.

As you are already aware, tests can be written in any program language supported by Selenium such as Java, C++, Python, ruby, Perl etc. Still about 80% of the professionals are relying on java. Since the Selenium Webdriver itself is written in java, there are many advantages in using java as the program language. Hence, some online Selenium testing training courses will provide a short course on Java too at the beginning of the course.

However, it is not necessary to participate in the Selenium Webdriver training with java , if you are familiar with it. Even if you are familiar with other programming languages supported by Selenium tutorial tool, it is advisable to learn basics of java too as it will make learning easy and effortless.

Some trainers are offering free follow up courses whenever there is an up-gradation in the technology. Some others are offering this up-gradation course for a lesser charge for those who have attended the earlier courses.

Career Opportunities

Software industry is thriving and similarly the competition is also getting tougher. Nobody can take a chance with the quality in a market where there is hectic competition. Similarly, the price of the product should be maintained reasonably to sustain in the market.

Here, Selenium testing training comes as the first choice of almost all software developers and testers. It is free and have enough features to run any tests fast. Hence, both time and money can be saved.

When more and more companies prefer Selenium automation testing tool, the opportunities for professionals trained in Selenium coaching technology is very high. At present there are large number of requirements for Selenium coaching professionals across the globe and all the companies are offering the best pay packs.

When, the manual testers and test managers can improve their career by learning Selenium course, freshers can have more opportunities. Even if you are not in QA, a thorough knowledge in Selenium video tutorials will certainly help you in other areas such as web development.


The world of technology is not stable and it always evolves. Many of today’s trends might become a thing of past tomorrow. That is why new versions are being introduced every now and then for every technology. Selenium videos has already established its presence in the world of technology and it is an undisputed leader.

Even, Selenium Webdriver training may come out with better versions in the future and one will have to master the latest technology to sustain in the industry. Hence, you should also see the background and track record of the selenium online tutorial you are opting for, to ensure that they can provide you the future needs too.

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